Counseling & Assistance - Family Employment Assistance

Self-Help Resources: The Career Development Resource Center (CDRC) is equipped with computers for you to construct job search correspondence or surf the web for career and job search information. Current job vacancy announcements are available for military and family members in transition. As part of our self-help resources, computers are available with very useful "favorites" marked so you can surf the web to look for career opportunities and job information. Word processing is also available for writing job search correspondence.

Individual Assistance: Whether you are new to Hampton Roads or transitioning from the military to a new career, one-on-one individual assistance is available to help you make career decisions, look for employment information, or have your resume critiqued. Skilled staff will walk you through the process of workshops, career planning and job search strategies that will effectively help you with your employment needs.

Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP): The Navy recognizes that frequent relocation associated with military lifestyle creates tremendous career challenges for military family members. The FERP program addresses those challenges in workshops, one-on-one career counseling, and with self-help resources. Current information about local labor market trends and opportunities assist with finding rewarding employment. With over 55% of today’s military spouses working, FFSC employment assistance is a valuable resource. Each FFSC has a Career Development Resource Center (CDRCs) to assist spouses, family members, and transitioning military personnel in finding employment.

Overview of Services

  • Employment-related workshops such as Interview Techniques and Resume Writing
  • One-on-one counseling for employment, career and transition concerns
  • Current job listings — access to computerized job databases and printed job listings
  • Electronic posting of resumes to job vacancy bulletin boards
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume critiques
  • Internet access and numerous employment resources
  • State-of-the-art technology

Effective Resume Writing
These days, only a top-notch resume will get you an interview. Learn how to market your skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and experience with an impressive resume. This single-session workshop also includes tips on translating military terminology.

The Federal Employment System
In this single-session workshop, gain the advantage in your job search with the federal government by learning how to find vacancies and job listings, complete the application process, and how to understand standard qualifications and testing requirements.

Interview Techniques
Want to feel more confident at your next job interview? This single-session workshop teaches you how! Topics include positive answers to difficult questions, dressing for success, and the importance of body language and positive attitude. Interview follow-up and salary negotiations are also discussed.

Job Network
Job Network is a monthly, one-hour employer panel comprised of three human resource personnel. Ask local and national employers what they like to see on resumes and how to prepare for interviews. Find out about open positions, their application process, and what benefits are available. Transitioners, separatees, and military family members are invited to attend.

Job Search Strategies
Learn more about the crucial steps in the job search process. This single-session workshop covers everything from assessing the hidden job market to finding a job long-distance, including job searching on the Internet. Many of the resources and services available to job seekers are also discussed, including major employers in the Hampton Roads area and the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC).

Career Planning
Whether you are looking for a job or information on career planning, learning through self-assessment will enhance your chances in finding satisfying employment. In this three-hour workshop, you will be guided through career choices based on life goals, personal skills, abilities, preferences, and work values. Link to The Career Planning Class Schedule

A Valuable Benefit
Commercial employment services equal to those provided by FFSC cost thousands of dollars per person. Employment experts at FFSC teach valuable job search skills which are essential throughout military and civilian careers.

Job Vacancy Announcement
Job listings are received from local and national employers daily. Opportunities from public and private companies, as well as government agencies, are available for military personnel in transition or family members to use in their job search.